A Personal Tale of Copywriting & Career Path

Writing a personal blog takes time and energy that could be spent elsewhere. Before starting Spending It Wisely, I considered why it was valuable for me to write in my free time. This led me to think about my personal history with writing, and how I’ve been drawn to write at various times in different capacities – and why I’m here now sharing my thoughts.

As a child, writing was easy and exciting. On a trip home earlier this summer, I found some of my old works-of-art. In those days, I really went for it. I wrote books about giant glue sticks who saved the world. I also wrote about parrots who magically turned into people. Where these ideas came from, I’ll likely never remember. But I do remember I enjoyed being silly, creative, and having a final product.

In school, I wrote for good grades. Writing was a chore that I completed at an okay level, but I would never have said I loved it. In college, I took a new strategic business writing class as one of the first twenty students. Reigniting the passion once again, that class and professor turned my relationship with writing on its head. I worked hard on my writing, and it was the first time I recall truly wanting to improve. I became a writing tutor, and helped other business students refine their arguments, improve their structure, and ultimately receive better grades.

Upon graduating, I didn’t think much about writing or where it could take me. Out of college I received a coveted internship as an Event Coordinator, which was not super related to writing (at all). Five years later, I’m with the same company, and writing has made its way back into my day-to-day. As a Brand Manager, writing is a huge part of my role. From developing social media campaigns, to curating and editing web content, to collaborating on the company mission statement – I write a lot. Not only is writing a large part of my career success, but I’ve also become the go-to for others. If a friend needs a resume reviewed, it’s sent to me. If a coworker wants second eyes on a big email, it hits my inbox first. I take a lot of pride in knowing that others feel confident in the written product I produce.

Brand management and marketing cannot be done well without good copywriting. If you’re trying to tell a story, sell a product, or evoke an emotion, you do it with words at some point in the process. In today’s world, you need strong, concise words that stand out from the massive clutter. I take this challenge seriously, and it’s fun. It’s not only writing – it’s problem solving. It’s completing a puzzle with pieces that fit perfectly.

Using the right words, at the right time, to get strong results, is what I love to do. Why should it stop at the end of the workday? I want to refine my skill that’s continued to challenge me in the best way.



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