Dive in.

Sometimes, you just need to start writing. I’ve considered starting a blog for over a year and always found a reason to put it off. The direction was unclear, people wouldn’t read what I have to say… and the list goes on. I was scared and unwilling to act, which held me back. I’m not entirely sure why that changed today, but it did, and for now I’m thankful.

Few events have taught me more about myself, or led to more personal growth moments, than traveling. I recently returned from a long trip in Europe, which may have pushed me to finally go for it. When you take a month off, away from responsibility, emails, meetings – there’s a lot of free time and free space in your brain to think about what matters. Which led me to consider: I need more of what I want. Nothing is more important than time and how it’s spent, so I want to be more careful with such a valuable resource. What better day than today to make a move and share something positive?

Over the past few months, I’ve been inspired by lots of influencers who I consider role models. People who share how they take risks, show vulnerability, and aren’t afraid to be themselves. When you seek out those messages and surround yourself with positivity on a daily basis, it becomes easier and easier to see what’s good in the world. The petty stuff does not matter. Will someone dislike my writing? Yes. Is that important? Not really. I like to write. It’s fun, and it makes me happy. At work I jump at any opportunity to be part of writing projects. Is my time better spent scrolling through Instagram, rather than trying something new that pushes my boundaries? I don’t think so.

This blog will likely change overtime. For now, I’m hoping to challenge myself to spend my time in a meaningful way on something I love, which is writing. Spending it wisely reminds me there’s only so much time to keep moving forward, push the boundaries, welcome the new, and do it with a smile.



4 thoughts on “Dive in.

  1. Mark Smith says:

    This is something I try to express in my blog as well. I’ve always struggled with a personal lack of confidence, and that caused me to let life slip by for many years. It’s simply not a way to live. We should, as you say, spend our time wisely and by doing the things we love. Great post, can’t wait to read more.


  2. Live. Love. Local. says:

    It is such an amazing feeling when something like this just clicks in our brains. No matter how strongly our heart urges us to do just what you are focusing on, doing what we love with our time, our brains try to tell us otherwise – until the click. I hope it is an empowering and positive journey for you!
    Keep up the positivity! I look forward to reading more from you!


  3. Pauline Y says:

    I figured I had nothing to lose by starting a blog, at best I gain a bunch of like minded followers, at worst I tried one more thing in life!

    Hope to see more posts from you.


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